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When you face legal family issues, it can feel like your life is in a tailspin. In many cases, especially divorce, you could lose opportunities you might have otherwise had to spend time with your children. And you may even find that you have little time to dedicate to your work. But the right family law attorney may make all the difference.

At Rivkin Firm in San Mateo, our experienced attorneys provide informed services for an array of family law matters. We understand the various ways that legal challenges can uproot your life and the impact that they have on your future.

Thorough Guidance In Divorce And More

From alternative dispute resolution services to facilitating your California divorce, we provide many family law services. Specifically, we offer legal assistance and representation with:

Matters like divorce do not have to be so daunting to you and your loved ones. In prioritizing your legal needs, we can take on these burdens, so you may feel at ease and free to focus on other important matters.

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