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Our Approach – Working Tirelessly Toward Successful Resolutions

Let us handle the details of your real estate disputes so they can be our problem, not yours. Whether you have a concern with real property regarding the sale and purchase of commercial or residential real estate, a claim regarding title, mortgage finance issues, or a problem with a broker or agent breaching their fiduciary duty, our years of expertise may be leveraged for a better result.

Drawing on a distinct blend of litigation experience and a deep perspective on real estate, our attorneys are skilled at finding solutions to real estate disputes involving individuals, investors, buyers and sellers, developers, and corporate entities, as well as successfully resolving cases. Our work involves title issues, purchase and sale concerns, boundaries, loan fraud, neighbor disputes. We work quickly and efficiently to work towards a resolution, many times before the case goes to trial. Our attorneys are well-versed in the real estate market, laws, regulations, and practices to explain and determine a strategy to move forward. The need for real estate litigation can stem from a variety of scenarios, including:

Title disputes and defects

Breach of sales or lease contracts

Failure to disclose in a real estate purchase




Boundary disputes

Neighbor disputes

Tree and fence issues

Land use issues


Quiet title disputes

Mortgage finance issues

Earnest money disputes

Construction disputes

Fiduciary duty disputes

Real estate litigation is one of the primary areas managed by the Rivkin Firm. Our attorneys not only understand the challenges of real estate from the legal perspective but also from the financial, accounting and practical angles. We work with owners, developers, and investors to resolve complex cases through all stages of real estate, limit risk, and exposure. Let us handle the details so you don’t have to.

Real Estate Litigation Services

Whether you’ve inherited property through family or are managing commercial property, real estate disputes can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. Securing effective legal representation is the first step to resolving these issues. At Rivkin Firm, our attorneys have significant experience in real estate including property valuation, appraisals, and management. We take a proactive, strategic approach to real estate litigation for the benefit of our clients.

Why Work With an Attorney
for Real Estate Litigation

Protect Your Interests

Save Time

Leverage Specialized Expertise

Success Metrics

$5M savings in construction loan financing agreement dispute

$850K+ real property resolution of claim

$2.5M successful negotiation of cancellation and return of escrow deposit

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“Working with Elena is a pleasure because she is very professional. In my experience her advice to clients is practical, cost effective and produces excellent results.”
“Elena is a formidable opponent to watch out for. ”
opposing counsel on a real estate litigation matter
“Elena works hard for her clients and will always do what is in the best interest of her clients.”
“I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. She is conscientious and knowledgeable, and is an excellent advocate for her clients.”

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